JUPE Concentrate Dessert Paste (Blueberry)

Jupe is the heat resisitance concentrate paste that made from Natural ingredients with high tecnology of Narizuka Corporation Japan, Jupe help boost the aroma, taste and color of foodstuff, Bakery, dessert, ice cream etc, that may lost or change or disapear from heat or cold, for ex. after oven or freeze 

  With using powder or other products to make, Dessert's Color will shade down, smeell and Odor wll disapear according to heat or freeze, with Jupe can help with its 100% natural smell and taste, that will boost and help your dessert more delicious.

 Jupe is the concentrate Paste so, application ratio is only 3-5% against whole ingredients weight, therefore you can apply Jupe to your recipe without changing your own recipe a lot, and can be used also for heat involving foodstuffs.


3-5% only, against whole ingredients weight.

Only with this above usage, Jupe can give quality aroma, Taste and color to your foodstuffs. with very economic cost.



All Recipe of confections and Bkery (Loke Cool Confection, Raw Confection, Baking Sweets, Ice cream, Bakery etc.)


Packaging  : 1 Kg


Jupe Bluberry taste give you the real taste and Odor of Bluberry with many recipe.








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